Friday, June 26, 2009

My Tribute to the King of Pop

Those who loved music, today morning it was really a shocking news......King of Pop.....Michael Jackson has left the world.....He passed away early this morning due to cardiac arrest at the age of 50.
He's the first African-American to come into the music world in the early 80's. His music tracks like 'thriller', 'smooth criminal', 'beat it', 'billie jeans' are still the favourites.He was the one who introduced dance steps like 'moonwalk' and 'robot' during his stage shows. He's one of the few artists to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, his other achievements include multiple Guinness World Records including one for "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time",13 Grammy Awards, 13 number one singles in his solo career and the sales of over 750 million albums worldwide.
  Keeping his millions of fans in sorrow, his body is going to dematerialize. But not his voice will never dies from their hearts. Long live his music.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dhoni - Blessing or Curse

Is M.S.Dhoni a blessing or curse for Indian Cricket???

Two years ago i would had said its a blessing of the God for Indian cricket to have a batsman-wicket keeper. His brilliant inning of 183 against Sri Lanka made him a gem of the team. Those days i wonder how this player who had only one kind of shot for every delivery conquered the mind of millions. Taking his captain record, till now its really fabulous. Having an unbeatable test record as captain with 5 out of 7 wins, thats really great. But do u think he's receive a lot more publicity than he actually deserve.
Last night innings force me to publish this post today as soon as possible,even though i was going to publish this after India comes home without making the semis.11 of 23 scored in a T20 can't be justified at all. I do agree with the fact every one going through the circle of form and this may be his bad days of form. But the most thing you must notice that he's the one who made such a big issue against those who were out of form which lead to roll the heads of senior players like Dada and Dravid.He also played tricks against Sachin, Viru and Yuvi too, but they were able to rose up to the level before being chopped off. If you check its clear that out of the 5 test victories these senior players had played a match winning performance. In fact his first victory was on behalf of the brilliant century by Dada,whom he targeted the most. I'm not going to analyze the ODI and T20 stats as Tests are still considered as the original cricket.
He's a selfish captain.If you won't agree with me, then please just check out the group stage matches, I'm not going to talk about the older ones now. What was the reason he could lay forward in promoting himself to no.3 position against the weak Bangladesh and Ireland. It was Raina to be played at that position and get used with the pitches of England and he failed to find his flow against West Indies due to the lack of exposure to the condition out there. If Dhoni had played a brilliant innings in those matches,it was okay. but he scored with strike rate less than 100. In those games,opening pair did their job,so there lays an excuse to escape. But what about last match? Did he played a captains knock when needed? It was all mistakes one after the other coming out of his hand. And did you heard what he told at the post-match presentation? His wicket was lost at the crucial time. It was a bit of luck we had last night that he got out on the 23rd ball or else 153 would be much far to be achieved.
A captain is the one who must lead the team as a model. But taking consideration of Padma award issue, no one will ever like or even think of keeping him as a one to be followed. When the nation respect him with an award,instead of receiving it with honor, he went for ad shooting showing his real intention, his greediness towards money. Imagine what would happen if youngsters follow this path. Then everything would be doomed. Lets check out what reason would he be telling for not making into the semis (if no miracle happens). I could guarantee you that even though the tight schedule of IPL had some side effect on the team, he won't be blaming it at all, not even when mentioning about Viru's injury, as the money Dhoni got will be more sweeter than T20 World Cup. Hope something better would happen to Indian cricket in the future.