Thursday, January 20, 2011

How can I vote ????.....

                   To vote is the fundamental human right of an citizen of that country. For a democratic country like India, the right to vote is considered among the top priority of rights. In old days, due to the fear of certain landlords or lack of literacy, the rate of voting was considerably low. But now the situation have been changed.People understand the value of vote and they don't fear to rush into the polling booth to do their fundamental rights.In the recent elections the voting rate was among the 50-60% mark.Its really good to see. and now the government is planning to provide voting facilities for the NRI people, so they also can make use of their rights.
                   But what about the people who are staying in India itself, but in different states. Let me drag your attention towards those people. These people came far away from their home to have a bright future. Some are students, Some are Workers, some came along with their families. In India, since majority of young generation works in IT sector.its better to talk about them because me too belong to that category. In the IT hub like Bangalore or Hyderabad, people all over India is working. Recently i asked a few about the election which is going to happen in few states like TamilNadu, West Bengal and Kerala within 3-4 months. Everyone i asked was pointing the same,"why should we think about them when we are not able to make our vote". Well I'm not going to discuss the mentality of the people here towards politics,which i plan to be done later. Now what they ask is true. Most of the people takes more than a night journey to reach their native. No company is going to give leave on the election date. Even if they give no one will be going to their native for one day spending so much money, to just make the vote. These are the educated people, who can recognize to whom they should vote for the development of their region
                Now when government is trying to pass the bill for the NRI people to vote, they should do something for us also . Apart from declaring the election date as holiday,something else can be done. There are two suggestion which came into my mind. First one is to provide vote for these people in the region where they live. Now you can ask that is already possible. Well how can some one make a change their voter id, when they even are not certain that during the election time they will be staying at the same place. And making such frequent changes is not possible as it may lead to bogus voting and impersonation.Its better to include this kind of change in UIDAI/AADHAAR, so voting can be done for the present residential province. But  you must know who is the eligible candidate over that region. Second one, to provide online voting system. With that we can make our vote of our own province.I just told what all came into my mind. Within the third election from now, my name will be strike off from the voters list. Then how can I vote???

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's This........???

                   Many of the people ask this question after hearing the Indian  2011 World Cup Squad announced yesterday. It's the top news in every newspaper published. How could Srikanth and the selection board pick such a team for the world cup that to when hosted by us and Team India being the top favorites of the tournament? Or this is what you call 'Over Confidence'? Flat tracks in India is gonna support batting, that everyone knows. But how much huge may be the score, to defend that total we need a better bowling section which is really lacking in this squad. Four seamers and three spinners is the usual combination while selecting a squad for home matches. But just check out who all got into this. 
                   Zaheer, Praveen Kumar, Munaf and Nehra are selected seamers. Its certain that Zaheer and Praveen Kumar is going to make the playing eleven. But check the situation when we need a third one, Munaf or Nehra. How pathetic situation is that. Any one who check the previous one or two year performance of these two can easy understand that they don't even worth to be in the squad itself. Its only a week ago Nehra bowled 6 overs conceding 61 runs. Munaf, nothing to tell about his performance. All we can see for the last two years is number of injuries he had is more than the wickets he took. Its not the old scenario where we had only a handful of international players from which the selection should be done. After the introduction of IPL, lots of young talented players came into the frame. But these two are selected. Someone might say this is a big tournament and that need experienced players. Then just check the spinners. Along with Harbhajan, Ashwin and Piyush Chawla made into the squad. Just see how much ODI Ashwin had played yet. His performance is promising, but it seams the experience criteria shown in the section of seamers is not applicable here. Chawla is out of the Indian squad for a long time. Also he didn't had any recent eye catching performance.Yet he is in the squad.
                  Comments from all the veterans are flowing in about the team selection. Going for World Cup with one wicket keeper is to be noted. Is that mean Dhoni won't get injured at any situation? Or he can play and win the cup for us, how severe be his injury? Earlier Dravid was an option. Now what will happen, no one knows. Yesterday after announcing the team Dhoni mentioned this team selection is based on the performance for the last one and a half years. Did he mean the performance on the ground or to him? Seeing the squad it's clear that its the players performance towards their 'great captain'. There is no place for those who are not the favorite list of Dhoni, doesn't matter how good the perform in the field. Dhoni's wicket keeping is getting worse day by day. that may be the reason he's not allowing others not even to be in the squad. Now the Fans of Men in Blues can do only one thing. Just pray. It seams this damn politics in cricket will destory the chance of winning that cup in the favorable condition.